The Modern Supply Side Platform

All-in-one native advertising software for publishers, app developers and advertisers.

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Capitalize on Untapped Revenue

SFP enables publishers to capture content marketing budgets where traditional, banner-based SSPs can’t. With analytics that measure engagement and attention, publishers can optimize native ad placements to maximize revenue.

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A Full-Stack Solution

You don’t have to homebrew your own native advertising software. With SFP, there’s a better way: Publishers can easily manage and execute full-stack native advertising strategies in the same way that they monetize banner ads.

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Access Programmatic Demand

With SFP, publishers can supplement their direct sales pipeline with programmatic demand from the Sharethrough Exchange, the largest supplier of native ads.

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Sharethrough for Advertisers

Perfect native ads for any marketing strategy. The top 50 AdAge Megabrands use SAM to promote their content marketing.

With Sharethrough for Advertisers, marketers have access to the best native ad products, inventory and expertise in the industry. Sharethrough can help advertisers translate any marketing goal into an effective native media strategy.

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Why Native Ads?

Native ads tap into the whole brain, delivering more focus, time and impact than banner ads.

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Native ads result in 2X more visual focus*


Native ad headlines yield 308X more consumer attention*


Native ads registered an 18% higher lift in purchase intent**

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