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Trafficking native campaigns can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Each creative, on average, takes almost three minutes to create, copy, and paste into DFP. On top of that, we’ve found that campaigns with six or more creatives have an average engagement rate that is 35% higher than campaigns with two or less. If we take those three minutes and multiply them by the number of creatives you need to run a successful native campaign, that equals 18 minutes (or more) that you don’t have.

Performance should not come at the expense of efficiency.

Sharethrough’s DFP Integration alleviates part of the trafficking process by eliminating the traditional copy-and-pasting of tags through a quick, one-step verification process. Publishers now have the ability to quickly add multiple pieces of content to their native campaigns without having to log into the DFP platform.

No Copy and Pasting Required

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